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Residential Sprinklers

  • Residential sprinkler systems play an important role in maintaining any lawn and landscapes in the Hampton Roads. Seasonal changes, lawn & plant health, city/well water and more are all considerations when planning properly designed sprinkler systems.


  • Watering your lawn & plants can encourage healthy growth, raise home value, minimize water bills and keep your landscape investment green year round. We know dragging a water hose around your yard is very time consuming as well as an insufficient use of valuable water. 


  • Using only the highest quality components, professional installers, we offer the best value in your residential lawn needs. We will custom design a system that waters your entire lawn automatically. Are systems are easy, efficient and reliable. We are proud to feature irrigation products from Hunter Industries, the leading manufacturer of professional quality irrigation products. We guarantee our work and service and with over 4800+ systems installed can provide you with you with personal references.


Commercial Systems

Installing and maintaining commercial irrigation systems is challenging. Landscaping at any business complex, condominium property, or athletic field is a big investment that has unique watering needs. Wright’s Well and Irrigation can meet those needs and has the history to prove it. Since 1970, Wrights Well and Irrigation has provided businesses and sports complexes site specific designs to keep our places of work and ball fields looking the best at the beach.


  • Properly designed commercial irrigation systems help ensures lawn areas and landscaping receive the right amount of water at the right time, without dry spots, run-off, or over-watering. Our trained & certified commercial irrigation experts consider the following when designing every system:


    • Property Size, Configuration & Structures

    • Local Watering Restrictions

    • Water Pressure

    • Irrigation Audits & Water Usage

    • Landscaping

    • Backflow Prevention

    • Main Water Line Connection


  • We understand that your business has special needs when it comes to choosing service providers. Why should choosing a sprinkler & irrigation systems provider be any different?  Wright’s Well and Irrigation is one of the originals in the area and has the experience and knowledge that its competitors lack. We built our company on trust and loyalty and look forward to bringing you to our lawn family.

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