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Water Drainage

     Standing water and basement flooding are taking over yards and homes in the Hampton Roads. Here at Wright’s Well and Irrigation we can eliminate your standing water and protect your foundation of your home. We use a combination of dry wells and sump pumps to remove the water from low areas in the yard.


     Many people have never heard of a sump pump, but if you live in an area that gets a lot of precipitation, a sump pump can prevent a lot of problems. This pump is placed under the ground in your yard in a deep hole that helps collect water, preventing it from flowing into your home or damaging your plant life. Using sump pump services is the fastest and most effective way to remove the water from your home.


     Certain areas are more steep and hilly than others, which means that the lowest point of the yard might be close to the home. Many companies that provide sump pump services will pump water out of the yard and into the street, where the sewage system can properly handle the flow. If the water from your yard travels to your home, it can cause mold to grow and create a health hazard.

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